Online Post Service - Sending Letters in Germany

API Interface and Simple Input Form

With the BriefKlick API you can send letters and Einschreiben in Germany via programming interface. This allows you to integrate sending letters into your own software or workflows.

You can create your own account for free. We only charge for sending letters. You can find our price list here. There are no additional fees. There is no contract period.
We provide you with a simple interface description via swagger. Another option is using our simple input form without programming skills. You can also contact us if you have any questions.

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With the BriefKlick API you can send letters directly from software. API stands for Application Programming Interface. With our API, you can send letters even more easily.

A structured description of the API via Swagger facilitates the integration. Thus, the API functions can be tested immediately in the browser without programming knowledge.

Programmes, software applications, apps and web applications can benefit from a connection to sending letters. Functions such as registered mail aka Einschreiben or colour printing are of course also available here.

We offer the right solution for both small and large customers. We are also happy to assist with the integration.